Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Hello guys! Long time no posting! :p 
Di bulan Agustus kemarin, we held a Fashion Festival by Bali Fashion Blogger at Denpasar Junction on 2nd-4th 2013 (We've held it last year too! And it was a blast!!!) It was soooooo FUN!! there are so muchhhhhh cool and cute stuff there! And it's also cheap! I almost used all of my money there :D 

This is what I bought from BFF! (Bali Fashion Festival)

Minion T-shirt, Dweeb T-shirt, Tribal Bikini, Floral Mini Dress, Sky-like High Waist, Nerd-like Glasses and Cotton Candy Necklace. The necklace was endorsed by Cocraparis! <3 yeaaaaay!

See those cute flower crowns? Itu juga di jual di BFF lho guys! So cute isn't it!? 
And at our back, you can see all those kawai stalls! Aaaaah looking at it makes me wanna buy more! The stalls is calling me to shop! :p 

BFB (Bali Fashion Blogger) meeting at Denpasar Junction

We've done some photoshoot for the BFF also! These guys are the BFB! Those who making the BFF ALIVEEEE! <3 

We decided to wore a black color for the first photoshoot! And btw, Since the theme is The Icon , we have to dress like  our own icon! :D who is my icon? Can you guess?

This is the second photoshoot! On this second photoshoot, we decided to dress our own style! So this is the BFB own style! We maybe dress differently with each other, but we love fashion a lot and that's the reason we can gather together like this! <3 

I hope we will having this awesome event again next year!!! <3 ciao! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photoshoot for KYLE & JEROME Trial Collection Fashion Show

make up by my lovely cousin Tita Chiquita

with Collin Paris from check him out! <3

This picture was took at the Street of Sanur. So as you can imagine, there are a lots of people seeing us taking picture there. It's so embarrassing at first with all those people staring at us. But It was very fun doing all those photoshoot thingy :3 im enjoying it a lot!! and it my first time as a model too! So it's kinda 'kaku' hahaha~ thankyou for giving me this wonderful experience Kyle & Jerome! <3 looking forward to your next photoshoot! :p hahahaha~


Heyhoooo! Nice to meet you guys! At last I've made a blog! Whohooo~! I dunno what to post for my first blog. So I post this picture of my cutie cat, Furby a.k.a Mek (cuz she always say mek everytime) I'm gonna post a bunch of my favorite things next time! So feel free to check it out ya <3