Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hey Mickey!

at last! today im gonna post some of my ootd!! yeeeeaaaaaaaay~ just had a photoshoot yesterday! tooked this pic outside my house <3 check it out~ check it out~


Mickey Beanie and Studded Black: @damnawsm2 (check it on instagram! my cousin sells a lot of cool stuff!)
Black long sleeve crop top and Tartan Skirt: BFF Charity Garage Sale (will post it on the next blog!) :p
Darth Vader Ring: Greedysassy
Gold Knuckle Ring : (X) S.M.L

this is awok the stray cat~ he wants to take a pic too!

yeaaaay! thank you everyone for checking out my blog! See ya! xoxo~

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  1. Lucu banget maira <3

    sweet and sugars,